Tuesday, November 16, 2010

misadventures in salad making

ahem. drumroll please. i had no candy today, whatsoever. yaaay me! hey dont knock it, you have count those small victories, because they add up to larger ones! and i am posting 2 days IN A ROW! excuse me whilst i do a little dance. ok,  moving on...i ruined the main part of my lunch tonight. sooo bummed right now, it was a yummy little spinach and arugula salad with shredded rf white cheddar and turkey bacon crumbles, and Paula Deen Peach Dressing. so how could one ruin that, you ask?well, when i assembled my salad, i separated the bacon, cheese, and dressing in their own little containers to prevent the soggies, then i sprinkled the greens with crushed red pepper flakes and kosher salt, packed everything in my little lunch sack with an ice pack. Does anyone care to guess where i went wrong? yup, the kosher salt. it wilted the greens. they looked like i had poured hot water over them!!! i still tried to eat the salad, but it was just awful. eeeewww...salad is supposed to be crunchy! But dont worry, i still had something yummy to eat...a diced honeycrisp apple with toasted chopped walnuts, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon and drizzled with agave nectar. i don't have a photo but i am going to do a quick product review...McCormick's Grinders-Cinnamon-awesome. just great FRESH cinnamon taste, amazing flavor and not expensive, i paid $2.34. it is really great added to your coffee grounds before brewing, adds that "something special"to the coffee. go get some.
things im loving right now:
1. the smell of my fabric softener on my freshly washed fleece Eyeore jacket
2. Never Surrender by Cory Hart is on the radio--the 80s rocked!

Monday, November 15, 2010

put down the butterfinger and no one gets hurt!

wow, 15 days since my last post. i am such a slacker. one might think that the reason i have not posted since october 30 is that i have been in a trick-or-treat-candy- induced sugar coma. one would be partially right. i CONFESS i have been eating mini chocolate bars almost DAILY since halloween. its time to STOPTHEMADNESS!!!! the difference in the pre-op me and the current post-op me is that the pre-op me would have eaten, oh, i dont know, 5 or 6 mini bars at a time, and the current me eats one or two. (my mom was in the car with me the other day after i ate 3 [1 miniature snickers and 2 miniature butterfinger crisps] and she witnessed my shame and the resulting mad search for a public restroom as the sugar wrecked havoc on my intestines. [sorry if that's TMI, just 'keepin it real' for y'all] needless to say, i wont be making that mistake again. looking back i realize i felt a little bit out of control eating that 3rd one, not sure where my mind went to. oh wait, yeah i do, it was in a candy(crack??) induced feeding frenzy saying "nomnomnom this is soooofreakingdelicious who cares if i gets sick as long as it tastes this goo-ood nomnomnom!!!" [insert cookie monster noises here] but, alas i have realized that by allowing myself to eat the candy, it has opened the door to other cravings for foods that are just not good for me. i try not to restrict any one particular food from my diet, my motto is: all things in moderation... but i do try to LIMIT my consumption of white carbs mostly because of this very problem. i start wanting more and more carbs and then high fat, high processed food, and i quickly fall into bad habits. Then i start feeling crappy and stop exercising and the snowball continues. So it really is best to avoid such "trigger"foods. easier said than done, but i have come so far and i dont want to undo any of it. as the title says these are the confessions of a food junkie and right now candy is my drug of choice.  so i am gonna go cold turkey, no more mini candy bars for this addict. (i am really not all that noble, the kids' candy bowls are out of the good stuff and they are guarding their Reeses cups with their lives)
oh on a side note; no one showed to the first meeting of my WLS support group. its a shame too, cuz i had made WLS friendly snacks.  gonnna try again this week. keep ur fingers crossed!