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disclaimer #1: these are unsolicited product reviews--simply my opinion on products i have tried, i am NOT being paid for my reviews!
disclaimer #2: Please, please, please refer to your Surgeon's plan for what food/supplements you should/should not be eating/taking. Again I am NOT a doctor, or a nutritionist.

First Product Review
Luna [whole nutrition bar for women] white chocolate macadamia nut

ok, let me say that i tried this because i found myself out and about one day with no plan, no provisions and i was STARVING. I wanted to pick something that had fairly decent nutritional stats, would fill me up enough until I could get a good protein meal, AND would satisfy my sweet tooth. and here it is. It fit all my criteria that day and I recommend it! Now, you will notice that it has 11grams of sugar, but before you freak out, my surgeon recommends no more than 6 grams per serving to prevent dumping syndrome so i only ate half the bar. (i can tolerate about 10 to 12 grams personally, but i try not to push my luck) it has 9 grams of protein for the whole bar (4.5g for 1/2) 190 (95)cals; 7(3.5) grams total fat; 3grams fiber *disclaimer-as a general rule, i do not count carbs only sugar grams, but I do try to limit my white carbs* 1/2 the bar was enough for a small, hold-me-over snack. VERY tasty, not tooo expensive $1.69 (esp for organic) i give it 4 stars****