Wednesday, March 16, 2011

how sad, i broke 1000 and didnt even know it!

hello everyone... i knew i have been MIA from the blog for a while, but i didn't realize it had been over two months!!! i have a link to my page on my tool bar, and i look at it often (as in every time i am online) and think, "hmmm do i have anything blogworthy to post?" or "do i feel like confessing my failures?" to which my answer is:  "no, not tonight" and then i proceed on to facebook, eggfaceobesity helppouch party or
 La Fleur Rebelle (my most frequently stalked sites). but, tonight i thought, "i don't have anything truly bogworthy, but let me check my stats" lo and behold, when i checked my "page views" i was at 1,012!!!!!! after i picked my jaw up off the floor, (and did a little happy dance) i thought "well, THIS is blogworthy!" let us commence with celebrating !!! (woot woot boogie boogie LOL)
since im blogging, i guess i will update y'all on some goings on in my world....
i finally went for my plastic surgery consult! it went great, i just loooved Dr. Saunders--he is very down to earth, great bedside manner, and his staff is pretty awesome too! i am proceeding with the process, just have to get my rear in gear on sending them my letters of medical necessity and they will submit for pre-approval. but the hubby and i talked about what would happen if we get an insurance denial and he said that we would just make payments for as long as we needed because he knows how important it is for me to get the reconstruction for my self esteem and mental health! sorry ladies, but i got the pick of the litter! i will make sure to post any updates with my status as they happen. i am hoping to go at the end of May but it may wind up being in the early fall.  i must admit that i was very worried the Dr would tell me i was crazy to think i could even think about having the surgery until i lost the 20 pounds i had gained, but he actually told me that i was an excellent candidate! yaaaaay!!! he said that he believed that between my breast reduction and abdominoplasty i could expect to lose 15 to 20  pounds! double yaaaaay!!! so i am pretty stoked about that!
Confession #1: i  have been struggling with my demons lately. specifically, carbs. i have been eating candy occasionally and we have been eating out ALOT. those calories add up sooo quickly. i have been frequenting a WLS online support group for people who are pretty far out from surgery and it has been helping. i am trying to be accountable for everything i put in my mouth, but that is so much easier said than done.
Confession #2: carbs are not my only demon...i haven't been exercising. AT ALL. enough said, huh? i don't even have a good excuse. we have been very busy, but i am just lazy. i totally admit that i could (and SHOULD) be carving out even just 15 min a day, but i haven't.   but-- i am going with my sis to check out a new gym later this week, and the weather is warming up so that means outside walking/bike riding is on the horizon. i got a set of those Nordic walking poles as a Christmas gift and am anxious to start using them. its supposed to be in the sixties tomorrow, so i am right now, this very minute, promising myself that i will walk tomorrow, even if its just 15 minutes.
i think i am going to add this "confession session" to each blog post from now on--it fits nicely with the can be my little gimmick. what do you think?
so i guess that's it for now. i am so glad i decided to check my stats!