Friday, December 17, 2010

yeah, i took a 30 day blogcation

Hello blog readers! i'm baaa-aaack! i had disappeared into a funk for a brief time, but i think that the Christmas Spirit is working its magic on me and i am getting my  "oomph" back.  in all honestly, i have been working ALOT, and blogging time has been greatly hindered. i have pretty much only had time to read over my fave sites and quickly browse my facebook news feed. plus, i must confess, my life has been relatively non-blog-worthy. But i did not want any of my regular readers to think i had given up, so i am here with some updates...well, first off, i have not been getting ANY exercise for about a month now, and boy am i ever feeling it! its amazing how quickly our bodies revert back to their flabby, unused, squishy, former versions when we are not paying attention! i have been very lax about my diet and the white carbs took over for a little while, but i am officially back on track with my eating this week. Exercise, on the other hand, is a different story.  It has been frigid cold here for the last couple of weeks (first snow of the season today!), so the beach walks have officially ended for the season. But as it so happens, i have been physically unable to go. Remember a few posts back when i mentioned i had to see a vascular surgeon? well, the reason is that i have been experiencing VERY painful leg swelling and heaviness that is impacting my ability to walk even short distances. over the past two months it has been steadily worsening, and when i saw my bariatric surgeon, she had mentioned it looked like lymphodema. well, the good news is, that my dr doesnt think its lymphodema. He diagnosed me with moderated/severe venous reflux disease, and thinks it can be fixed with Sclerotherapy. the problem is that my insurance company may not cover the expense as it is considered "cosmetic". although i am struggling to understand how a procedure to alleviate PAIN is considered COSMETIC?!?! there is also a chance that they wont pay for the ohsosexy compression stockings he ordered me to wear, and they cost close to 70 bucks! the really scary thing is that i work for a very large healthcare cooperation (the single largest employer in the state!) and i have REALLY good insurance. i mean, what kind of sense does that make? NONE i say! okay, excuse me whilst i climb off my soapbox! must say that i am more worried now that my insurance wont pay for the abdominoplasty and breast reduction i have been planning; it would mean not getting them done because we could never afford the cost on our own. But, the rep for the plastic surgeon who i am going to didnt seem too worried when we discussed it. So i will try not to worry.